Our Ohana

Meet Rugged Rugrat

We are the Lees! As a family we keep Rugged Rugrat going from our little house on O'ahu, Hawaii. My name is Kiera, I'm the creative mind and body who handcrafts every article of clothing! Little man in the middle, that’s Paxton. He's actually the reason I started sewing in the first place! Handsome man to the right, that’s Dakota. He is my hubby and the man who has supported my dreams! He also came up with the name Rugged Rugrat!
After Paxton was born, we wanted to outfit him in durable, sustainable clothing that matched his adventurous nature. We soon realized that many companies looked stunning but quickly wore out or were better suited for quick photoshoots rather than all day adventures. This realization, some long conversations, a couple bottles of wine, and an overflowing amount of support brought Rugged Rugrat to life. Now, I pour my soul into finding the most environmentally conscious materials available to create practical, durable, and stunning outfits that are designed to go out and explore.